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MATS College of Technology was established in Palawan in 1979, founded by Atty. Senforiano B. Alterado, a man of vision and determination. It is the first school that offers maritime and technology courses in the island of Palawan.

The college was first located at Taft Street, San Juan Building, Puerto Princesa City. In 1980, it moved to its present site at Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa City. The first three college departments were the maritime, Engineering and Technical Departments. In that same year, the college opened BS Customs Administration course. In 1982, the business department was established, and the course BS in Accountancy was included into the business Department. Later, allied Computer courses were offered so as to meet the demands locally. This further followed by the opening of BS in Tourism and BS in Entrepreneurship. In 1986, MATS College of Technology was converted to Palawan Polytechnic College as approved by the board of trustees attuned to the needs, problems and achievements of the Province Of Palawan and City of Puerto Princesa. In 1996, the eldest son Mr. Eric Henry I. Alterado was appointed as president of PPCI. Atty. Alterado then became the Chairman Emeritus. In 2006 up to present, PPCI is under the management of Ms. Aileen A. Alterado as president. Part of PPCI’s expansion is its Technical-Vocational Department which offers short courses namely Consumer Electronics (NCII) and Automotive Servicing (NCII) which provide technical program for local and global needs. In 2005, PPCI offered Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) course. It was granted recognition by the Board of Nursing in 2009. A year after, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in English was opened. Last 2009, PPCI opened a ladderized Deck Seafaring, a one year course that caters to those high school graduates who wants to board the vessels the faster way round. They could choose to go on board as Deck or proceed to Maritime Transportation course.

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Palawan Polytechnic College Inc.

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